Soufrière, St. Lucia Carnival

This vibrant celebration of music, dance, and color is a must-do for any visitor to St. Lucia, and even better, Soufrière has it’s own carnival celebrations! Fond Doux Eco Resort is the perfect base from which to take part in this not-to-be-missed cultural event. A Rich History The St. Lucia Carnival has roots in ancient…

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St. Lucia in the Summer

Saint Lucia. The name conjures images of pristine beaches, dramatic volcanic peaks, and crystal-clear waters. But did you know this Caribbean gem offers an even more idyllic escape, particularly during the summer months? While the entire island is a paradise, venture south, past the bustling, arid Rodney Bay, to Soufrière and discover a world of…

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St. Lucia North vs. South

St. Lucia, a gem in the Caribbean Sea, offers a vacation experience unlike any other. But before you book your accommodations, consider this: the island boasts two distinct personalities, north and south. Choosing the right side can make all the difference in your tropical escape as they’re a 2 hour drive away from each other.…

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Go Beyond the Beach in St. Lucia

Sure, the allure of St. Lucia is undeniable – pristine beaches lapped by turquoise waters beckon every sun-worshipper. But Fond Doux Eco Resort, nestled amidst a lush rainforest in Soufrière, offers an experience that goes beyond the beach. Here, amidst the emerald embrace of nature, you’ll discover a wealth of unique on-property adventures that will…

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The Flavors of St. Lucia: A Culinary Voyage

From the vibrant streets of Castries to the serene plantations of Soufriere, St. Lucian cuisine sings with the vibrant flavors of its history, culture, and the abundant riches of its land. Embracing Tradition: The Distinctive Flavors of St. Lucian Cuisine St. Lucia stands out in the Caribbean culinary landscape with its emphasis on fresh, locally…


5 Unique Things to Do in Soufrière, St. Lucia

Nestled on the southwest coast of St. Lucia lies a town with a name as sultry as its surroundings: Soufrière. Known for its French colonial history, stunning natural beauty, and the iconic Pitons, Soufrière is a treasure trove of Caribbean wonders. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of local culture, Soufrière, St. Lucia…